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[HPA] SHSL Astronomer :: Nina Costalov by NuziKune [HPA] SHSL Astronomer :: Nina Costalov by NuziKune
For :iconhopespeakacademy:
...I'm sorry... :iconuhuhuhuplz:
I promised but I broke it. :iconrazycryplz:
But this is it I swear this is my last one.
Cross my heart.
I really don't wanna die very much.

Oh and trying out a new style.

Edit :: H-holy...
carried away with writing...
I'm sorry but I was having too much fun ;___;

❝ Everyone else seems so far away from me... Just like the stars. ❞ ✫-

Name :: Nina M. Costalov
Age :: 18
Height :: 5'2
Weight :: 112 lbs.
Gender :: Female
DOB :: May 1st

SHSL :: ✫ Astonomer. She studies celestial bodies. Her favorite celestial bodies are the sun and the moon (earth's moon).

Ethnicity/Home :: From the United Kingdom, Scottish.
Extra Features ::
✫ Glasses.
✫ Schizophrenia, she usually only sees celestial bodies because of this. It is rare for her to see other things but is possible. The celestial bodies do not speak to her in her schizophrenia, she makes up dialogue for them. The section of stars usually never have any "special events", but do change in star placement depending on the time of year and place. This is mostly because of her vast knowledge of astronomy.
✫ Has three sets of hair ornaments for her twin tails; stars, suns, and crescent moons. Which she wears is completely random.
Weapon :: N/A

Personality ::

General :: Aloof/Shy || Air headed || Inattentive || Daydreamer || Worrywart || Fair-minded
Moody :: Passive-Aggressive || Impulsive || Quiet
Happy :: Vivacious || Cooperative || Great Listener

When in times that aren't too urgent, Nina doesn't really pay very much attention to or is interesting on what's going on around her. She is usually so engrossed in watching-- or talking with the stars and other celestial bodies. In the dialogue she's created, nothing has ever gone down a ridged route, so when it comes to talking in realistic terms, she often says the first thing that comes to her mind and expects it to go smoothly. Nina longs for real human friends, but she will almost never try to socialize with others. She may not show it, but deep inside, Nina worries about whether others see her as friend or a jerk. She respects the people she befriends and tries not to get moody around them. She will always try to be fair, but it isn't at all guaranteed. Because she's shy, she's pretty passive-aggressive and often gets impulsive for when she is. She does get much more vivacious and cooperative when cheerful, and is definitely a great listener as well.

In short, she's an awkward kuudere.

Likes ::
✔ Celestial bodies. The sun and the earth's moon are her favorite.
✔ Warmth. The clothes she normally wear are a little stuffy, but she has versions of them that are less stuffy.
✔ A refreshing feeling. She hates feeling dirty, sweaty, and anything similar.
✔ Meat. Favorite food group.
✔ Having friends.
✔ Listening to music.
✔ May add more.

Dislikes ::
✘ Her glasses being messed with.
✘ People who are completely unreasonable and unfair.
✘ Making expressions for too long. Always leaves her face with a weird feeling.
✘ People who insult anyone for any reason. No matter what, she will not straight out insult someone.
✘ Exercise, work, deadlines. She procrastinates a lot when it comes to things she isn't genuinely interested in.
✘ Her first name.
✘ Speaking about her problems.
✘ May add more.

Additional Info ::
✫ Near-sighted.
✫ Prefers platonic love.
✫ When her schizophrenia shows her the sun, she will often address it as "Daniel" after her best friend.
✫ Daniel would call Nina the moon because of how brightly she would shine when others were "asleep" (don't pay attention to her) and "aren't aware".
✫ Nina would call Daniel the sun because she wouldn't be able to shine without him.
✫ Voices
- Japanese -

History/Family ::

Nina was born into an average household in the rural areas of the United Kingdom, child to a surgeon and a nurse who met in the same hospital they had Nina in. It was also the same hospital that Nina met Daniel, her only "best friend" and the same one Nina watched him die in. Nina's parents

Nina's parents have always expected her to become a large figure in the medical field and hoped for her to get into a great college with a scholarship. Nina did want to please her parent's desires when she was younger, leading her to study a lot more than anything else. Nina has yet to realize was that her parents were okay with whatever she chose to be. Nina used to socialize a lot-- she used to be used to be one of the most popular kids in her class. As she grew older, she got more and more socially awkward to the point that it affected her abilities to speak hold stable relationships. This caused an even bigger problem when she transferred to a school much further away in the United Kingdom, just much further away. She couldn't trust anyone as a friend to be able to listen to her problems, nor was she brave enough to speak to her parents and ruin their perfect image of her. The stress she's accumulated causes her to be passive-aggressive and a often subtly offend others even when she worries about her own reputation.

When she turned 13, she returned back to her hometown to review a science-based high school that her parents recommended for her to become a doctor. It was one of the schools built when the hospital Nina's parents worked at received a large donation. While taking part in a hospital and school tour, she met a hospitalized man who she eventually befriended named Daniel. Daniel spoke in a weird way, he wrote a lot of what he wanted to say even though he had no problem speaking. But, it was a method Nina liked. She looked up to Daniel and learned the beauty of astronomy because of him. She swore to herself that she'd keep studying astronomy even after Daniel died because of her love of it and her feeling that Daniel would be proud.

RP Sample ::

Skype || Notes || Google Docs || Chat
EST Time Zone
I prefer notes or google docs if we're not in a similar time zone. Usually, I randomly join in chat/skype roleplays if they've already started. In major RP sessions, I'll try to join in to the best of my abilities. I can do skype for individual roleplays, but I may be slow or if we're doing an active one, prefer to do one with a person in a similar time zone. I am fine with any method, whichever makes you most comfortable. However, I do prefer lit or script A.

She was in her usual daze, the peach-haired astronomer. She was laying on her cream colored bed, seemingly facing towards a ceiling of a similar achromatic tone. Nina would very often gaze towards the ceiling, seeing a sky full of stars, entranced and in her own world. However, this time, the midnight sky wouldn't even allow her to be loose in her own world with her celestial friends. Her widened eyes gleamed with little gems that she called "speckles of life", and she herself seemed so full of the very same thing when she would look at the sky like this. It's as if she's experienced an epiphany for an extended amount of time. Compared to the usual conversations where she'd unhesitatingly voice out loud the conversations between her and the celestial bodies, her current voice were only a jumble of illegible sounds with a monochromatic-like tone to them. She had even been extending her left arm towards the sky, reaching for the midnight beauty.

Script A
Nina :: The entranced child had almost forgot why she had come up to her room in the first place-- she had received a strange envelope. She relaxed her body and shifted her thoughts to the envelope. The only reason as to why the envelope had retaken Nina's attention, especially in the middle of one of her rare, extended epiphanies, is because of a small thought she had. T-there's always the chance this is from Daniel... She didn't normally receive letters, so this one was a surprise. She never even got to see what's written on the front. But when she found where her mother had placed her letter, she was disappointed. She wasn't too surprised, though. She didn't know why she did, but she doubted the very idea before it was even thought of.

"Now... What's this letter all about?" Nina softly questioned. She took a deep breath, carefully separated the glued section of the envelope and took out it's contents.

Script B
Nina ::
//Eyes widen// This is a letter from... Hopes Peak Academy...? //Swallows, somewhat fearful of what may be written on the slip(s) of paper.
//Continues reading// I-I've been invited?! ...This could mean... more equipment... people who don't discriminate on intelligence... and... and... possible friends... I... I need to get into this school! //Stands up and quickly rushes downstairs to parents with gleaming eyes.
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michin-yo Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg she's so adorable adkfjgb
Hope to rp with you sometime ♥
NuziKune Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
Thank you so much! sdfsdf :iconuhuhuhuplz:
Same to you! ; u ;
Ryugan777 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, SHSL Student! Wanna rp? :3
In case you wonder who is my OC, here is the App:…
NuziKune Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
Sorry for the late reply, but sure, if you're not too busy. :iconuhuhuhuplz:
What do you prefer, notes, skype, etc.; lit, script?
Ryugan777 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I have Skype but I can't connect now, so... Let's do it with notes until I got it back, okay? You can already send me an invitation in Skype at Ryugan777, from France. :)
Also, who starts?
NuziKune Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
Alrighty, I sent a request under Coro, just in case you're wondering who that is.
I'm fine with starting, but I'd pref if you'd start, if it's kay. :iconuhuhuhuplz:
Ryugan777 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sent! I'll accept your invitation next time I go on Skype. :3
KerstinSibylle Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aaaaa, she's so adorable!!!
She's such a perf character, omg! 
I love her personality, and her just entire chara!

I'm sorry I'm being weird, she's just too cute. 
Hopefully we get to RP sometime??
NuziKune Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
No, no it's not weird at all!
Thanks a whole bunch! I'm really glad you like her! ; u ; :iconuhuhuhuplz:

I really hope so, as well. ; u ;
KerstinSibylle Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You're very welcome! 

Bootsii Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconmonobearplz::iconsaysplz: UPUPU~! Welcome to my humble abode! Well I guess it's OURS now, eh? I know, I know, you're INCREDIBLY freaked out by my introduction! I mean, you're sitting there SLEEPING at a desk for pete's sake- HAVE SOME DECENCY. Just teasing~ Feel free to look around, and find your room while you're at it! Don't worry, I've placed all... well.. most of your belongings in there.
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