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August 18, 2013
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[RD] Yukari Tanashiko by NuziKune [RD] Yukari Tanashiko by NuziKune
So this is my app for :iconrabbito-dauto:. Ahahah I know I've been making a whole buncha apps lately but I swear this is my last one
other than the rest of the apps for gaia's vigil or if i get invited to another rp group by a friend heheeh
Yeahhh I told myself to not make another albino character but but I couldn't help myself /cries
I'll update the desc along the way. They open tomorrowwww! <3

I hate drawing phones.

How Did Yukari Die?:
Yukari stumbled back from the mirror and looked at "himself" in the mirror. The glass from being thrown back against the mirror had ripped her shirt, revealing her true appearance to both her chaser and to herself. In just a few seconds, her reality was crushed and all the memories of her painful passed rushed to her. She remembered who she was. She wasn't Yukaru, she was Yukari. All this time Yukari was just acting and slandered her beloved brother's name. In her anger and frustration, she picked up a shard of glass and started hacking and slashing away at the small wolf, until finally, it died.

After laying there for several minutes, maybe even hours-- she wasn't able to tell, she slit her own throat with the shard of glass. She wasn't able to take this cruel reality and took her own life.

Yukari Tanashiko

Yukaru/Aru (Her brother's first name/Nickname)



July 5th

Female (Disguises herself as a male)

Weapon Choice:
Chain plus a small medical scalpel. The can is about arm's length and Yukari uses it to grab someone and sometimes choke them. The chain is pretty bulky so she prefers not to use it to choke, since they can easily slip out.

For the most part, Yukari thinks that this is all a waste of time, being stuck in an abandoned city with people she doesn't care for. She desperately wants to get back home to Kiri and continue living as Yukaru. However, a part of her thinks of this as an adventure like in stories and video games. This part also thinks that the game is a great excuse to die in order to be with Yukaru (or who she currently thinks is Yukari).

❥ Kiritaha (Kiri): A girl Yukaru used to date when he was alive. She knows that Yukari is currently posing as Yukaru but stills acts as Yukaru's girlfriend. She comforts Yukari and tries to get her to let go of Yukaru.
❥ Yukaru (Aru): Yukari's brother. They are extremely close, but Yukaru died in a plane crash.
❥ Parents: Also died in a plane crash with Yukaru.

❥ Cautious || Blunt || Cold || Instictive || Understanding || Gullible || Aloof || Quiet
Yukari is the type of person who will act cold until you really get to know her. Yukari isn't really that great at communicating with others and often says the first thing that comes to her mind. This usually causes her to seem cold even when she's not trying to. Because of this, she tries to stay quiet and only think inside her head. She also tends to stay away from crowds and from most people that try to communicate with her, to avoid misunderstandings and wasting time, but is often found trying to fit in due to her getting lonely easily. She tries to be understanding and sympathetic (aside from when she wants to chase others away) but this usually causes her to be gullible. To counter this, she simply tries to be cautious and not get herself involved unless it's required. She tricked herself into thinking she was Yukaru and now acts similarly to what her brother would, but a lot of her own personality is mixed into that.

Likes/ Dislikes:
✓ Brotherrrrr (Bro-con)
✓ Herself? (Kind of a sis-con as well because of how she pretends to be her brooo)
✓ The scarf from her brother
✓ Video Games
✓ Kiritaha
✓ Adorable things (She can't help herself @//v//@)
✓ May add more

✘ People who take family for granted
✘ Hospitals
✘ People would pick on her sis/bro
✘ People who question her masculinity
✘ Loudness
✘ Talking about her problems/past

Yukari was a sickly child born into an average household with loving parents who were always away at work and a brother who meant the world to her. When she was born, her left eye was stabbed during class due to a "game" her classmates guilt-tripped her into playing. Because she was already so sickly, the wound on her eye wouldn't completely heal, causing it to act up through out the rest of her life. Her parents work so much in order to pay for an operation for her and pills to prolong her life expectancy. Her brother would be the only one who visited her during the long times she stayed in the hospital and cared, played, and protected her when she was at home or at school. Yukaru was an otaku who didn't really have any friends, aside from his girlfriend. The only one who he could naturally talk to was Yukari and Yukaru was the only one who Yukari could talk to at all. Yukari hated socializing at school, leaving her with no friends and no other reason than for Yukaru to live. There was her parents that she so loved, but her connection with them wasn't as strong since he hardly ever talked with them.

When her condition got disastrous, she was sent to another country to receive better treatment. When Yukaru and their parents planned on flying in order to visit Yukari, their plane crashed, causing everyone on it to die and Yukari to be alone. This left Yukari with an internal conflict of staying alive because her family cared for her so much or to die so she wouldn't be depressed and would be with her brother. Her internal conflict and growing depression caused her to be slightly mentally unstable. She came up with the idea of becoming her brother so that she would be able to continue living and be with her brother (in her mind, at least). Because she's found that she would become even more depressed because she'd be ashamed of acting like her dead brother, she's cut her old self and those memories off to become her brother very happily. Afterwards, she shows little to no signs of being Yukari, aside from her female features, or being mentally unstable. The few people that do know she's Yukari have to play along in order to prevent her from becoming stressed and causing her eye to act up. (( This excludes people in the game, only the ones she knows outside. ))

Yukari took up Rabbit Doubt due to Yukaru's love of video games and horror situations.

❥ The scarf she wears is from her brother. She wears it practically all the time.
❥ Her phone's screensaver pictures herself (right) and her brother (left).
❥ She dislikes violence and will try to avoid it.
❥ If she is suspected of being mentally unstable or being Yukari, she will most likely get violent.
❥ When it comes to her sexuality, she says she's straight (homosexual when you take her actual gender into consideration). She's note judgemental and is open to any sexuality but tends to avoid it altogether because of Kiri.
❥ Voice Sample:

RP Methods:
deviantArt chat (only if in a similar timezone to EST)
Skype (if a group rp, I'll try to jump in if I'm not busy)
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